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Guide to Using the New Mexico Campaign Database

Winning campaigns in New Mexico does not happen by accident. Well informed campaign managers have indulged in as much scientific planning as possible. One of the key elements is the New Mexico Campaign Database.

What are New Mexico Voter Lists?

A voters list is simply listings of the names, addresses, and party affiliations of everyone who is registered to vote in a certain voting district. In the old days, these were printed lists but today the information is compiled into the organized and searchable New Mexico Campaign Database

Once the basic New Mexico voters list is enhanced with additional data it will become an invaluable resource for your New Mexico Campaign. The New Mexico Campaign Database includes email addresses and phone numbers as well as cell phone numbers, which can be used for calling or text messaging.

Other data enhancements of the New Mexico Campaign Database include birth dates, gender, ethnicity, geo-location, and other demographics.

Finding the Right New Mexico Voter Lists

Every New Mexico candidate for office should be able to get their hands on the basic voter lists from the New Mexico secretary of state’s office or from your local elections board. The quantity and quality of data you receive will depend on where you are running for office.

If you are running as a major party candidate in New Mexico then the local party may have lists for you, which are often an enhanced version of the publically available list.

Free is great but as the old adage goes – you get what you pay for (especially in New Mexico). The publically available New Mexico data is good if all you need is names and addresses of registered voters. That was the way just a hand full of years ago but today you need more. You need email addresses, cell phone numbers and even fax numbers for local businesses. Today’s campaigns require expansive data covering the full spectrum of your district.

The New Mexico Campaign Database is made up from detailed data coming from four different datasets. Think of it as a sturdy four-legged stool.

The first leg of the New Mexico Campaign Database is voter data. The US Voters Database containing detailed information on over 99 Million voters.

The second leg of the New Mexico Campaign Database comes from our Exclusive Private Consumer database. These are the residents of your communities. Our Private US Consumer database contains over 287 Million consumers records. This data includes name, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, gender, ethnicity and other demographic information.

The third leg of the New Mexico Campaign Database comes from our Exclusive Private Cell Phone database (Call or Text). We now have over 266 Million Cell Phone records including name, address, cell phone number, SMS email and other demographic information. Do not believe those who say that you cannot buy New Mexico cell phone records – what they are saying is that they do not have them to sell to you.

Finally the fourth leg of the New Mexico Campaign Database comes from our Exclusive Private US Business database. Our Business database contains over 331 Million Business records which include executive name, email, position, company name, address, phone, fax and other demographics.

In short, the New Mexico Campaign Database is the richest, most comprehensive collection of marketing data available on the market today at any price.

Managing Your New Mexico Voter Lists

The New Mexico Campaign Database is easy to handle. All records are delivered in electronic form in the standard CSV file format.

Adding information to the New Mexico Campaign Database is a breeze. If you choose you can keep track of who supports you and who doesn’t, or who cares about what issues etc. This information will definitely come in handy during your re-election campaign in your next election cycle.

Using Your New Mexico Voter Lists

Throughout your campaign, you will use your New Mexico Campaign Database for a multitude of purposes. Rally volunteers, supporters, contributors and event participants. Get the word out on important topics and get people talking. Truly connect with your community.

Here’s some fun and good news in New Mexico:


Gallup New Mexico

Look at these new inventions and imagine the possibilities.

Fox News (sorry) reports on a new scientific ghost town, the Center for Innovation, being built in New Mexico to test the next generation of everyday technologies.

Here's the press release from Pegasus Global Holdings, which is financing the project, to get a sense of the ambitions.

Many of our next decade's inventions will be made out of superstrong, light materials like graphene. To make things out of graphene with precision, it looks like we'll have to use microscopic robots!

We'll also need renewable power supplies for our inventions, and new kinds of solar cells are showing some promising efficiency ratings.

Our future technologies will have to be much cleaner than our present ones. Researchers are building artificially intelligent robotic fish (!!!) to help with the clean-up.

Speaking of artificial intelligence, here's a great essay about why human intelligence is overrated....More at Read/Write Daily: An Army of Robot Fish

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