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Registered Voters in Connecticut



Registered Voters in Connecticut are once again going to vote for their local officials in the upcoming elections. This is an exercise of suffrage that they are bound to do so, purposely to choose the right officials that will lead them to the right programs of government and services. The Registered Voters In Connecticut are contained in the electronic voter database, in which very vital for people running for public office to use.  

Registered Voters in Connecticut have all the rights and privileges to choose the right candidates during forums and public speaking engagements. In fact, they can also do some research of the candidates so that they can get the right information, who among them, are capable of holding office and serving the constituents. The Registered Voters in Connecticut have recently shown their right to vote by selecting the best candidates who later perform to the best of their abilities to serve the people. During the upcoming elections the same Registered Voters in Connecticut are going to vote for another set of public officials who are true to their words of truly serving the people. 

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How Maurice Sendak helped me stage his operas

On a cold morning last February, I found myself on the train from New York to Connecticut, on my way to visit Maurice Sendak and talk about the opera versions I wanted to direct of two of his children's stories, Where the Wild Things Are and Higglety Pigglety Pop! Maurice was at his best: funny, acerbic, furious, forthright. We spoke about the operas, his work, his family, politics, news, and his recent hilarious stint on the satirical US TV show The Colbert Report, where he talked about the state of children's literature ("abysmal") and book signings ("dreadful"). He also spoke about his "awful" neighbours, his beloved dogs, the wonderful Lynn who has looked after him for many years, and mostly his imminent death – a favourite topic from a very early age. For this reason, I didn't take that seriously at all. It seemed impossible when he died, aged 83, earlier this month.

"I'm sick of Wild Things," was the first thing Maurice said to me. Knowing he might say no, making the opera project impossible, I explained my ideas and, heart in mouth, asked if I could animate his drawings. He said yes: "I like you and I trust you. Go where your imagination takes you." I almost fainted with joy....More at How Maurice Sendak helped me stage his operas



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